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countertop refinishing


Countertops in the kitchen and bath are expensive. Some are more durable than others, but all are subject to scratching. Even polymer countertops like Corian will scratch if you’re not very careful. They look so good, and they’re so nice and solid that people often cut food on them without a cutting board. Bad idea! Before you know it, the surface is full of scratches.

We can resurface and revive your countertop! There’s no reason to replace your expensive countertop, nor do you have to suffer and live with those scratches forever. Our countertop resurfacing techniques restore the original shine and luster to your countertop at a small fraction of the cost of a replacement. Countertop resurfacing restores the original surface like new.

  • Repair-refinishing
  • Chip repair
  • Reglazing
  • Resurfacing
Get Started

We make sure we tape off all areas not being treated to keep them protected. We then prepare all areas to be refinished, we wash, etch, repair & dry the entire surface.


We evenly apply coats of the highest quality bonding agent available in the industry.


We finish with a superior topcoat that will leave you with a beautiful shine and durable surface for years.